How We Do It

We do it by using the best film in the market and the best people to produce and install.

AT SB&T Graphics, we use premium 3M fleet graphic products. 3M has been the standard in fleet graphics for over 20 years. Their warranty and durability are second to none.

We have a great partnership with 3M and have been involved with major companies specifying 3M premium films since we started our company. You can't get any better than 3M when it comes to your vehicles.

To learn more about 3M products and why you should advertise on your trucks, click here to see videos from 3M. The video titled "Advertise 24/7" for how important it is to advertise on your vehicles from Lumber Liquidators.

We specialize in working with truck leasing and new truck sales businesses.

Many find by us using 3M films, when the vehicle terms out, the customers graphics can be removed easily so the vehicle can be sold without re-painting. It's just another advantage of using the best film on your verses painting your vehicle's graphics.

The following are some of the leasing and new truck sales companies we have had the privilege to be a partner with.




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Ryder Transportation Services

Penske Truck Leasing

Tom's truck Center

TEC of California

Scully National Lease

Kelley Fleet Service

LA Freightliner

Rush Truck Centers

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