QUESTION. What should I know about the type of film used for my graphics?

Answer.  There are basically 2 types of films; Calendared and Cast. Calendared films are used mostly for indoor applications. They normally are less expensive then Cast Film, and will work well in a controlled environment. Cast films are very durable, (Think of cast as in “Cast Iron”) and are designed for outdoors and vehicle use. They work best on vehicles or any application where it will be exposed to outdoor elements. The two most common manufactures of Cast films are 3M and Avery. Both companies produce cast and calendared films.  Both have different grades of films. Your graphics professional should ask you what type of application your graphics are going to be used in. They will explain to you what is right for your graphics project.

QUESTION.  How do I know what type of films are being used on my vehicles?
ANSWER. Ask to see a sample of the film the company is going to use for your project. Most premium Cast film products, have the name of the company printed on the backing paper. If you don’t see a name, you might not be getting what you were promised and paid for. At the job site, ask the installer to show you the back of the film they are using. They will be happy to show you to insure you are getting what you are paying for.

QUESTION.  Is it important to know the quality of the film used?
ANSWER. YES! All graphics look great the first few months they are on your vehicles. It’s how they look over the years that follow that is important. This is what you are paying for, the longevity of the graphics.  Only top quality films will give you the life you are looking for. Inferior films will start to crack, or shrink in just a year of two. Most premium films are guaranteed not to shrink or crack for up to 7 years, or more!

QUESTION.  How critical is the installation process?

ANSWER.  Only the quality of the film is more important.  We use only the best installers around. We have had long relationships with these companies and they have been certified by the P.D.A.A. (Professional Decal Application Association), or have been trained by 3M. We insure you receive the best possible installation of your vehicle graphics. We stand behind our work because we know everyone who handles your job. We don’t sub-contract the installation to someone we don’t know, or let you worry about if they are doing the job right. What good are your graphics if they are installed improperly?    

QUESTION.  What should I do if there is a problem after my graphics are installed?
ANSWER. With SB&T Graphics, you make one call and we will take care of the problem. It is rare you will have a problem, but we aren’t perfect! If you have a problem, we are the only ones you have to talk to. You don’t have to wonder if you need to call the people who installed the graphics, or made the film.  WE are the only call you need to make. We stand behind our products and we will do all we can to insure you are satisfied.

QUESTION.  How do I clean my vehicle now that I have vinyl graphics?
ANSWER.  You clean your vehicle the same way you always have in the past. Vinyl graphics are better then paint.  The only conditions you need to avoid using solvent-based cleaners. These could attack the adhesives and cause the films to loosen from the vehicle. This is a rare event, but one all customers should be aware of. 

QUESTION.  Why shouldn’t I paint? Doesn’t paint last as long and is less expensive?
ANSWER.  Paint is rarely used these days for vehicle graphics. With the newest technologies with vinyl films and computers, today’s graphics are far superior then painted graphics in most applications. By using computers, we can reproduce the exact same images, over and over again. Painted graphics are very difficult to duplicate, and when it comes time to turn-in or sell the vehicle, you have the expense of re-painting to cover up the old faded painted on graphics. Who wants the expense of painting an old vehicle, just to turn it in or sell it?  
QUESTION.  My equipment has corrugated sides; can you still install decals on it?
Answer. YES! This type of application takes special training.  Few applicators are trained to provide this kind of service. We check the type of corrugation your vehicles have and can adjust the height of your graphics to maintain the same look you would expect if the vehicle had flat sides. Corrugated vehicles have some of the highest decal failure rates. The reason, “Poor application.” Make sure you are using installers who know how to apply graphics to corrugation and will stand behind their work. 

QUESTION.  What happens when I want to sell my vehicle with the vinyl graphics applied?
Answer. This is one of the best features for using Premium vinyl graphics.  When your vehicle is ready to be sold or turned in to the lease company, your old graphics can be removed. In most cases, the cost is considerable less then repainting.

QUESTION.  If I damaged my vehicle on one side; do I need to buy a whole new set of decals or can I purchase replacement graphics for only the section I need?
Answer. With SB&T Graphics you can purchase only the portion you need. We keep all our jobs on file for 8 years. If you ever have a problem and only need a portion of the job we produced for you, we will sell you only the section you need. Other graphics companies will require you purchase a complete set, even when you only need a small section. We don’t.

QUESTION.  What kind of decals are those that look like a picture on the side of the vehicles?  
Answer. There are several ways to produce “Photo Looking” vinyl graphics. The two most common are screen printed, or digital prints.  Both work well and are available through SB&T Graphics. Knowing which is best depends on the number of vehicles you have, and how long the graphics are going to be on the vehicles. Let one of our professionals can help select the right application for your business.

QUESTION.  I see trucks with what looks like the graphics are applied to “Canvas Sides”. Are they any better then the type I apply directly to the surface of my vehicle?
Answer. What some companies are doing is using the same material people use for banners and installing them on the sides of trucks. The advantages to this type of vehicle graphics is you can change the graphics often for less money then conventional vehicle graphics. This works well if your business sells seasonal products you want to display for a short period of time. The disadvantage is they don't last as long as conventional vinyl film graphics and will fade. They are more acceptable to conventional graphics to damage from wind and trees branches that could tear the banner type material and are difficult to clean.  Let one of our professionals discuss which is right for you.   


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